Glambrainwow by ABC Galaxy
ABC Galaxy — Glambrainwow

ABC Galaxy is a project of Roman Skarednov from Izhevsk. It is directed to trifle with pop-sound and resembles disco and electro. It is filled with 80s-style strings and melodies and has dancefloor-oriented rhythms. One of the author’s inspiration sources was the computer game “GTA: Vice City” as it’s music served as a nostalgic soundtrack of the composer’s anxious childhood. Architecture and cars—the style that in the 80s seemed like the only one possible and that now looks just like one among many others…

To me it’s as fascinating as to watch ‘Star Wars’ movie nowadays again and again”, the author said. “It’s like playing with the future of the past, it’s a game with a dusty and a touching fantasy that has no today’s frills. Attracting and barred image of putrescible West that threatens to destroy Soviet Union still remains on the pictures and in the past. Now it’s available only as a simulation and nostalgia.

Glambrainwow is a three-sided compact disc. Compositions are not only organized as a usually numbered track list, but are divided into three logical groups. You can use this fact in two ways:

1. Simply listen to an electronic music album.
2. To run the CD as a test. According to emotional and psychological perceptional listener’s preferences of three sides you can learn anything about him: personality type, marital status, taste predilections, nature of relationships with colleagues and relatives, and so on.

It is also recommended to listen to one of the sides in compliance with conditions like time of day, weather, emotional state, position of the stars, company and available drinks.

Author claims that these three groups are obligatory and ultimate. If a listener ignores this warning, the music effect might be dramatically unpredictable (but positive only) and may result career advancement, lottery winning, new acquaintances, lost things being found, etc. In these cases author discards his liability for the consequences.

Frequent playbacks lead to a surprisingly good effect as well. It is known that weekly listening to one of the three album sides increases working capability of a brain and advances listener’s IQ.

Author recommends to perceive the tracks from Glambrainwow as a mental massage session.

01) Blondie
02) Children’s Lab
03) Rainbow
04) Sci-fi Disco
05) Generation 80
06) The Night Rate Bitch
07) Optimistic
08) Untitled
09) Vertex
10) Miss Melancholy
11) Demand For Love Offers A Supply Of Sex
12) Rock Collage
13) Past Summer
14) Soft Trip
15) Reagent 007
16) Prepared Old Stuff
17) Right-Hand Auto

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Release details
FSST025 | Year: 2008
Number of tracks: 17
Total time: 76:13

Album artist
ABC Galaxy