Igra by Scaly Whale
Scaly Whale — Igra

A collection of various situations and states that offer us to remember some feelings and moods from our childhood, a time when playing was the main type of activity.

“Igra” is a Russian word which is intriguing by its multiple meanings. This word can be translated as “game” in a general sense. It also means “play”. Moreover it describes a process, pointing at playing, gaming, acting, and even gambling. In accordance with these definitions Scaly Whale prepared a set of various situations and states that offer us to recollect some feelings and moods from our childhood, a time when playing was the main type of activity. Let’s get back to childish infantility, simplicity and lightness. Let’s find our favorite games and toys.

Each track on this album is an impression—from the music I listened, from people I met, from places I visited”, Scaly Whale says. “I would like all the listeners not only to hear a tapping of drum machines and sounds of synthesizers but also to see fragments of me and parts of themselves. I’m not composing serious music. Conversely, I’m trying to make it childishly simple in order to help any person, no matter who he is and what he does to find his own cosmos and to take over it.

This collection of fifteen tunes represents a period of Scaly Whale’s creative work from 2004 to 2011, as well as locations where these tunes were composed: Perm, St.Petersburg, Passau, Regensburg, and the author’s parents’ cozy country house. Several fellow musicians were involved in working on this album, they enriched some of the tracks with additional sounds, effects and instrumental lines.

I’m glad that ‘Igra’ gave me an invaluable collaborative experience. Usually I prefer to create music only by myself and keep total control, but in this case I definitely succeeded in sharing my music world with my friends and giving them a certain creative freedom. It is like to let somebody add some spices into your sauce: you have to trust this person because eventually there’s only you who is responsible for the quality of the prepared meal.

01) Einstellung
02) Morning Ride On A Bike
03) 403 Smiles Of 403 Beautiful People
04) At The Wedding
05) Weekend Comes Soon
06) Going To Her
07) Raketa
08) Zuckerwatte
09) Blick vom Dach
10) Igra
11) Ruhig und warm
12) Evening Streets In Downtown
13) Verschiebung (Shift)
14) Evening Ride On A Bike
15) Zuckerwatte (Remix by Yellowhead)

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Release details
FSST033 | Year: 2011
Number of tracks: 15
Total time: 56:22

Album artist
Scaly Whale