7×8. 56 Stuff Remixes Itself by Various Artists
Seven By Eight

The name “7x8” not only refers to the result, but also hints at by which method is was achieved. We put together this compilation by using the rule of multiplication: joined forces of several people got engaged in an omnidirectional interaction.

It can be said that this release is not exactly a compilation, but rather a collective album: original tracks by various artists are shuffled in the playlist with remixes which participants did for each other. Clearly we are eager to list them: ABC Galaxy, Cycle Hiccups, Scaly Whale, Idiosync, Math Geek, Denis Davidov, Yellowhead.

The album is released on CDs with six different variations of design: the front cover was assembled several times out of heterogenous fragments.

Incidentally, by tradition and for your convenience each “7x8” CD contains not only standard audio tracks but also a multimedia section. The latter duplicates the former in mp3 format for those listeners that prefer to just copy it on their devices. In other words, there is no need to digitize and encode.

01) ABC Galaxy — Looser Chords
02) Idiosync — Biathlon
03) Yellowhead — Punktierte, remixed by Cycle Hiccups
04) Cycle Hiccups — Rainy Day Renegade
05) Math Geek — Lovelesssickillness
06) Scaly Whale — Zuckerwatte, remixed by Yellowhead
07) ABC Galaxy — Looser Chords, remixed by Scaly Whale
08) Yellowhead — Punktierte
09) Scaly Whale — Zuckerwatte
10) Math Geek — Lovelesssickillness, remixed by Idiosync
11) Idiosync — Biathlon, remixed by ABC Galaxy
12) Cycle Hiccups — Rainy Day Renegade, remixed by Math Geek
13) Cycle Hiccups — Rainy Day Renegade, remixed by Denis Davidov

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Release details
FSST029 | Year: 2010
Number of tracks: 13
Total time: 62:14

ABC Galaxy
Cycle Hiccups
Scaly Whale
Math Geek
Denis Davidov