Nymphet by The Pillow People
The Pillow People — Nymphet

“Nymphet” is a set of musical dedications to different girls that are united by the mood they share, characterized by an absence of flippancy, along with slyness. Emotional keywords would be sadness and reverie, both are frequent guests of The Pillow People’s sound, which is defined by its creator as “depressive trip”.

It is not news to anyone that drawing a conclusion judging only by outward appearance maybe catchy if not mistaken. Soft pillows may seem harmless, but in the end everything depends on the context. Sometimes it’s not all so simple with the pillows.

01) Pillow Killaz
02) Asuka
03) Alice in The Neuromancer Land
04) Nymphetka
05) Ojousama

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Release details
FSST027 | Year: 2009
Number of tracks: 5
Total time: 23:55

Album artist
The Pillow People