Different Listening by Various Artists
Different Listening

Different Listening is a compilation of electronic music. It got its name because of the variety of styles present in it. However, despite this variety, it has one common aspect—the music is light, it is not complicated by experiments, it contains nothing terribly intellectual—it's just music that is easy to listen to. Get ready, listener, you're facing such music as lounge, acid jazz and downtempo.

We have an international group of participants: musicians from Brazil, Belarus, Germany and different cities of Russia are taking part in the project. Most of musicians are unknown to the general public, and this is exactly why we consider this compilation valuable - the material presented on the disk combines several important characteristics: novelty, exclusivity and high quality of production.

01) Unknown Artists — Upalochka_snizuA
02) Strike — The Beginning
03) YaD — Ciao
04) Jazzy Puzzles — Thriller
05) Few — Like a Sex Machine
06) Mombus and Bacteria — Fog Flakes
07) Kaufkassette — Reduktion (Dreamlin's remix)
08) Dima Vikhornov — No Positive Hero
09) Jeune homme — Away For 15 Days
10) XS — Loser Takes Coffee
11) Biopsychosis and Svetlana Avramova — You Are Forward, I'm Backward
12) COPY — If You Want To
13) Yadi — Moonwalker 70
14) Mnemonic — Spinning Around
15) Dreamlin — Sunny
16) Moonscape — Search For
17) Yellowhead — Chill You
18) Booka Dehuk — L-Switch

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Release details
FSST015 | Year: 2003
Number of tracks: 18
Total time: 69:50

Compilation artists:
Unknown Artists
Jazzy Puzzles
Mombus and Bacteria
Dima Vikhornov
Jeune homme
Biopsychosis & Svetlana Avramova
Booka Dehuk