Mupy Mup by Zimmer-G
Zimmer-G — Mupy Mup

This music was recorded in the period between 2001 and 2006, making “Miru Mir” (“Peace to the World” in Russian) a collection of the best tracks from the two unofficial albums released at that time. Aside from several tracks that appeared on some compilations, this material was not presented to the general public before, residing within circles of friends.

Light, fair sadness is what distinguishes this release. A kind that comes when we look at an old photo album. A good feeling burdened by the fact that past cannot be reverted. However, the music carries a faint optimistic hint at the same time.

Situations this music suits depend on the listener’s temper—it may complement someone who’s falling asleep or provide an unobtrusive background for work. According to the composer, the only place this music does not belong to is a dancefloor.

The name “Mupy Mup” comes from a popular in the 80s Soviet slogan (“Miru Mir!”), and this association is supported by the extensive use of samples from Soviet movies. A kind of transliteration gives us a mysterious Mupy Mup—a fantasy land from the musician’s childhood, that special place in his soul that keeps fairy tales and pleasant, naive experiences. Characters who live in this land (could that be the back side of a wall clock?) are depicted on the album cover.

Mupy Mup Photo

It is a great miracle that we appeared from the abyss of the void in the first place. Moreover, our daily lives are filled with small wonderful things that we tend not to notice, what, however, doesn’t make them any less significant. These small things is what inspires the composer, Ivan Voltanov. Nevertheless, do not seek any particular philosophy in his work. There’s no need to attach great importance to soft chillout electronica.

01) 06:00
02) Trip Into Yourself
03) Tempo Nuevo
04) Caravan
05) Eotoba
06) Atu
07) Toscamo
08) Home Boy
09) Tripcyclone
10) Mystic Handsome Men
11) Enigo
12) Melancholin
13) Leaves

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Release details
FSST026 | Year: 2008
Number of tracks: 13
Total time: 60:15

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