Mind Collider

Mind Collider

An experimental boyband with spontaneity and randomness as creative techniques and occasionality as the way of existence.

Mind Collider

It could be a vinyl player of old friends hidden on a top shelf. It could be an unscheduled visit that lasts longer than expected. It could be a strong wind, a free Wednesday, a jar of pesto, a gooseberry bush, a duck, a slipper, a wish, a word. It could be anything and it could morph into a music composition. But not necessarily. Sometimes this happens, and most of the times, of course, it does not.

Still, there are hours and even days when everything falls into an unevident yet proper place. So these guys start to record sounds, make samples, create loops and construct audible structures. They continue while the process goes smoothly and naturally. Then they stop. Then we take what they’ve got and release it as the tracks of Mind Collider. From time to time.

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Reverse Yellowheadding Reverse Yellowheadding

Reverse Yellowheadding
The joy of bending originals into something new and different — captured as music recordings of various dispositions and attitudes.

Halfway Bitter by Zimmer-G and Various Remixers Halfway Bitter by Zimmer-G and Various Remixers

Halfway Bitter
A collective effort in rethinking the music by Zimmer-⁠G resulting in engaging selection of music tracks.

Uncategorized Uncategorized

A variegated compilation made with utter contempt for all the kinds of categorization. The style is whatever, the music is good.

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Mind Collider + Alexander Letcius Mind Collider + Alexander Letcius

Mind Collider + Alexander Letcius
A documentation of a spontaneous improvisation, involving an experimental boyband and a multimedia artist.