The complete list of all the 56 Stuff authors whose works are (or were) presented on this website.

Sorted by (nick)names, in alphabetical order.

Sorted by (nick)names, in alphabetical order.

# 8bit 8bit

A legendary music band from Siberia.

A Acher, Héloïse Acher, Héloïse

A Parisian street photographer strolling in London.

All N4tural All N4tural

Colliding banters and ill field recordings.

Anton Apchekhov Anton Apchekhov

A pseudonym of Zhenya Isaeva, a visual artist of impressively wide endeavor.

Askarov, Igor Askarov, Igor

A man who thinks that his best purchases ever are a rangefinder camera and a bicicle.

B Bad Good Idea Bad Good Idea

An atelier for imaginative concepts.

Banabila, Michel Banabila, Michel

A versatile composer, actively collaborating with artists of various creative fields.

Baranik, Lidia Baranik, Lidia

An architect-turned-artist working with intriguing printing techniques.

Zachary Beans Zachary Beans

Finding a reason to wake up and do something when everything can seem so pointless.

An occasional duo of an industrial music band and experimental folk singer from Far East.

Booka Dehuk Booka Dehuk

A man who walks back and forth in a wide field between techno and IDM.

Bor, Pavel Bor, Pavel

One of those men thanks to which 56 Stuff come into existence.

Berthault-Jacquier, Cyril Berthault-Jacquier, Cyril

A French picture maker, who lives in Brussels.

Buldakova Veronika Buldakova Veronika

An artist and designer from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Burgerman, Jon Burgerman, Jon

A tireless graphic artist, who covers various surfaces with funny creatures.

C Cavolo, Ricardo Cavolo, Ricardo

An illustrator based in Madrid who draws the beauty of the weird part of life.

Cemtex Cemtex

A producer of solid and unhurried abstract downtempo tunes with clear-cut melodies.


A composer who makes catchy tunes and tries to combine ease of listening with intelligence.

Copy Copy

An electronic music formation which took part in a couple of our compilations.

Custo Custo

An audiovisual duo with a huge passion for jazz combined with love to electronic music.

Cycle Hiccups Cycle Hiccups

A tuneful unity of electronic sounds, vocal exercises and improvisations.


A collective cherishing its own internal contradictions and using them as an artistic method.

Davidov, Denis Davidov, Denis

A producer of quaint electronic compositions, enriched with various field recordings.

De Moi De Moi

A master of ambiences, who expands the guy-with-a-guitar concept.

Digital Midgets Digital Midgets

An FX-obsessed tinnitus sufferer, specializing in other-worldly synth-driven electronica.

Digital One Digital One

A composer, performer, DJ, promoter, and the leader of 8bit and Echo Depth Finders.

Was born. Photographing.

Dreamlin Dreamlin

An electronic music duo from Minsk, producing chilled-out downtempo tracks.

Drol. Drol.

A music producer who aims to unite respect for nature and love for electronic sounds.

Drowzy Drowzy

A laid-back person who loves to sleep and creates laid-back tunes.

Drozdov, Anton Drozdov, Anton

A professional cinematographer, who advances in the meantime as a photographer.

Dubinsky, Roman Dubinsky, Roman

An artist, widely known at the Web as Palitra_art.

DuBois, Doug DuBois, Doug

A notable photographer from Syracuse, USA.

Dubrovsky, Andrey Dubrovsky, Andrey

A historian, writer and photographer from St. Petersburg.

A visual gramophone and an emotional typewriter.

Durham, Jason Michael Durham, Jason Michael

A mixed media conceptual artist and a professional gambler.

E Efros, Max Efros, Max

Among other things, a cinematographer of “Games Get You Carried Away” video.

Eritsyan Stepan aka Unislon Eritsyan Stepan aka Unislon

A jeweller and an author of short poems and existential drawings.

F Few Few

A heavy metal drummer, who also took pleasure in samples and sequencers.

Fischinger, Mareen Fischinger, Mareen

Everything that involves photography is her passion since the late 1990s.

Fokos, David Fokos, David

A photographer who uses long exposures and carefully selected compositions.

Foolk Foolk

A buttons pusher named Dusan Vanco loving strong beats, snap samples and rich synths.

Foolk Foolk

Hopes and wonders from a little different world of ambient electronics.

Fukuda, Takeyoshi aka Motake Fukuda, Takeyoshi aka Motake

A photographer from Tokyo who makes photos as memories about people he met.

G Gaponov, Alexey Gaponov, Alexey

Makes photo pictures and writes short annotations for them.

Gavrilova, Katerina Gavrilova, Katerina

An archaeologist and a big friend of pacific salmon.

Gomez, Barbara Ana Gomez, Barbara Ana

A Spanish illustrator living and drawing in London.

Great Mundane, The Great Mundane, The

Music, absorbed many things from hip-hop, jazz, and even classics.

Grettschak, Andriana Grettschak, Andriana

Was born in Riga, somewhere under a roof. Moved to Berlin, again, under a roof.

Gurinova, Alica Gurinova, Alica

Makes animation, illustration, printing, fashion design, and street art.

H Hoegsberg, Simon Hoegsberg, Simon

A man who combines professional photography and journalistic research.

Hsia, Kevin Hsia, Kevin

The founder of VAMP (Vintage/Analogue/Manual Photographers) community.

I Idiosync Idiosync

Sample-based music that pursues ambiguity of interpretations.

Inay, The Inay, The

A pleasant hybrid of art-electronica and straight-out lo-fi.

Inward as DJ Pizz Inward as DJ Pizz

A music maker who uses stress as his inspirational source.

Ioka Ioka

Ioka likes the sound of clouds, roses, and elephants.

J Jazzy Puzzles Jazzy Puzzles

A band which was building downtempo structures from jazzy sound bricks.

Jeune homme Jeune homme

A music project with craving to an experiment in its initial meaning.

Jurevicius, Nathan Jurevicius, Nathan

An illustrator, toy designer and the creator of Scary Girl.

K Kalinin, Mark Kalinin, Mark

A real culture pusher and a man behind the incredible Taiga space.

Kamaev Vladimir aka Soamo Kamaev Vladimir aka Soamo

Well-known and highly sought illustrator.

Khesina, Lina Khesina, Lina

To be born, to grow and never grow up. To live inside a cloud, observe and admire.


A legendary producer of audible bombs.

One of the first 56-activists who took a part in the Exhibition Nr. 56.

Koyama, Nanako Koyama, Nanako

A freelance photographer from Tokyo.

Kronberg, George Kronberg, George

A film photography adept and a productive photographer.

Ksenia Kamikaza Ksenia Kamikaza

A DJ, music producer, promoter and radio host.

A flamboyant geometric figures manipulator.

A misterious poetess.

Kustov, Alexander Kustov, Alexander

Travels with a photo camera through Siberia and makes utterly unique pictures.

Kohler, Larissa Kohler, Larissa

Writes poems. Makes photos.

L Lee, Sean Marc Lee, Sean Marc

A photographer with the anagram name Laser Menace.

Letsius, Alexander Letsius, Alexander

A multimedia artist and a member of Tundra audovisual group.

Levitin, Max Levitin, Max

A music lover, collector, mixer, reviewer and promoter.

Lindholm, Ami Lindholm, Ami

An animation film director and illustrator from Helsinki, Finland.

Livid Livid

Approaching music as an emotion, without limiting himself to one genre.

Lozhkin, Yaroslav Lozhkin, Yaroslav

An artist and designer, the author of cover artwork for “Semolina Porridge”.

M Machinefabriek Machinefabriek

The alias of Rutger Zuydervelt, a composer from Rotterdam.

Makagonova, Xenia Makagonova, Xenia

Shares her subjective impressions with the help of photography.

Margaliot, Roy Margaliot, Roy

A freelance illustrator graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

Marginal Boots Marginal Boots

An electronic sound-producing unit with pre-installed ability to feel emotions.

Math Geek Math Geek

Melodic Heavy Mental Childish Happy Hardcore. And related genres.

Maximov, Ilya Maximov, Ilya

A multimedia artist, animator, animated films director and comix maker.

Mechanical Witch Mechanical Witch

A Melbourne-based producer, telling stories through music made with machines.

Medilöme Medilöme

Personal emotions, translated through elaborate melodies and dextrous rhythms.

Melting Order Melting Order

A musician on a mission to discover the boundaries of music.

>Mind Collider >Mind Collider

An experimental occasional boyband, producing music by spontaneous methods.

A one-man electronic music project, participated in a couple of our compilations.

Mombus Mombus

One of the most interesting electronic music producers in Russia of 2000s.

Moonscape Moonscape

A quite successfully discovered boundary between experimental and easy music.

N Nilsen, Silje Nilsen, Silje

A Norwegian/Suomi illustrator and animator.

Nix, Lori Nix, Lori

Builds high-detailed dioramas and makes pictures of it with a photo camera.

P Panteleev, Yuri Panteleev, Yuri

A photographer from St. Petersburg.

Pillow People, The Pillow People, The

The depressive trip — sad, thoughtful, and at times gloomy music.

Pilote Pilote

One of the aliases of Stuart Cullen, a versatile composer.

Pogoda, Bart Pogoda, Bart

A photographer in a permanent travelling.

Printempo Printempo

A maker of pleasant and well-crafted melodies.

Pungercar, Zoran Pungercar, Zoran

An illustrator from Slovenia who thinks that animals should rule the world.

R Radboud Mens Radboud Mens

A man who has been experimenting with sound since 1982.

Randomajestiq Randomajestiq

One of the most active electronic music projects of Belarus in early 2000s.

Raumskaya Raumskaya

Making a map of various life stages out of music tracks.

Redink Redink

An illustrator who is driven to make photo shots constantly.

Ritmy B Ritmy B

An old friend of 56 Stuff, hiding behind thousands of different names.

Roque, Fabio Miguel Roque, Fabio Miguel

A photographer from Lisbon, who is always eager to learn.

Rotaenko, Anya Rotaenko, Anya

Her primary goal and the meaning of life is to make illustrations.

Route 24 Route 24

One of the numerous aliases of Stuart Cullen, a highly productive music maker.

S Scaly Whale Scaly Whale

Rhythmical full-of-melodies music made via a huge setup of various devices.

Screamershock Screamershock

Cranberry cheese.

Scxtt Thx Bxll Scxtt Thx Bxll

Scott from Scotland missed his musical family terribly. Tired of crying, he re-created them on his computer.

Selezneva, Alina Selezneva, Alina

A fine art expert who travels with a photo camera.

Sensiva Sensiva

Music for city dwellers who keep their inner connection with the nature.

Shchukina, Olesya Shchukina, Olesya

An animation director, illustrator and artist.

Shtukk Shtukk

Serious-minded and beautiful music. Chilling with style.

Skarednov, Roman Skarednov, Roman

A man behind the titles ABC Galaxy and Snow Slow Party.

Slusarchuk, Dmitry Slusarchuk, Dmitry

A film director who helped us a lot: in different ways and with different things.

A duo of two clowns who like evoking rich emotions with their music.

Stereo Modus Stereo Modus

Unearthly melodic landscapes for a good listener’s contemplation.

Storby Storby

Balancing between sound, text and context.

Strike Strike

A man who was making nice instrumental hip-hop in the late 1990s.

Sztuka Sztuka

A designer, musician, and constuctor of electronic sounding machines.


Two Estonian music producers who make collaborative works from time to time.

Taylor, Maggie Taylor, Maggie

Creates dreamlike images using a computer and a flatbed scanner.

Tishenkov, Oleg Tishenkov, Oleg

An illustrator, also known as Olegti.

Tswetkow, Igor Tswetkow, Igor

A notable artist, versatile musician and serious-minded animator.


A music producer who was a participant of our “Update Music” festival in 2003.

A band with the title which disorients automated listing systems.

Uvarova, Alexandra Uvarova, Alexandra

An animation director from St. Petersburg.

V Villan, Oscar Villan, Oscar

Photographing, drawing and laughing from Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Von Holleben, Jan Von Holleben, Jan

A photographer who takes his job extremely serious.

Vasiliev, Zhenya Vasiliev, Zhenya

An illustrator, pen and ink cartoonist and urban sketch enthusiast.

Vecherkovskaya, Yana Vecherkovskaya, Yana

Modestly says that has no talent and makes photo shots only at boring times.

Velure Velure

A bouquet of vocals, accordion, analogue synthesizers, guitars, and trip-hop beats.

Vikhornov Vikhornov

Emotionally rich and sophisticated electronic music.

An additional music outfit of Ivan Voltanov who is also known as Zimmer-⁠G.


A participant of our free “Past Perfect” compilation.

Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan

An artist and illustrator based in Singapore.


A music band from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Yadi Yadi

Easy listening with nostalgic elements.

Yellowhead Yellowhead

Makes music, produces videoart, draws pictures, and so on.

Yushmanova, Ekaterina Yushmanova, Ekaterina

A photographer who works slowly but staunchly and prefers to film people.

Z Zalewska, Katarzyna Zalewska, Katarzyna

Illustrates, draws and lives in Krakow, Poland.

Zija, Zosia Zija, Zosia

A photographer, interested in relations between people and places.

Zimmer-G Zimmer-G

Music which descends from lack of music and gets inspiration from more or less old times.