Route 24

Route 24

The man behind the alias Route 24 is UK producer Stuart Cullen, better known to most folk as Pilote. In addition to his numerous pseudonyms, as you can see, he has a fancy terrestrial globe.

Route 24

Also known as


Also known as


“In the spring of 2011, I had the great pleasure of meeting two young Norwegian fellows in my local inn. Joakim Rodriguez and Petter Hansen were holidaying in my area and told me of their two main passions, namely, music and equestrianism. It turned out that they were involved in a musical project which went by the name of Route 24. They played me a track, the rather wonderful ‘A Country Song Gone Wrong’. I was suitably impressed, and asked them to send me some more tracks with the idea of having them released on my very own OneAcre label. Over the next year or two, they sent a succession of tracks of varying quality, which I then proceeded to edit down to a usable 4-track EP.

They were rather lax with their copyright procedure, and I, being somewhat devoid of new ideas, decided to steal the name ‘Route 24’, and with the help of a cunning and unscrupulous music lawyer, I also resolved to release some of the tracks and pass them off as my own.”

— Stuart Cullen

Listen more: the album

Route 24 — Horseplay Route 24 — Horseplay


Twisted basslines, engaging rhythms, good old-fashioned 303s, analog and digital glitches, and a bunch of various samples.

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