Another creative side of a man who was already known to you as Cycle Hiccups. Dive into nuances and feel the difference!


Also known as

Cycle Hiccups

Also known as

Cycle Hiccups

Most likely, you have heard about this: sometimes, way too many inner movements happen inside a single creative person. The good thing is: such cases have solutions. One of them is to separate artistic individualities and create a number of pseudonyms: each one for a different artistic occasion. That is exactly what Alexandr Velikoselsky did, and — which is nice — he has an explanation for that:

“It’s a simple charade: ‘stor by’ means big/great village. When I started making pieces that were different from what I normally was doing I needed a new personality so I got this one. Unlike my other alias, as Storby I mostly deal with composing in a classical way (cellos on the right, violins on the left). And I do have some predilections like twisting samples, making collages and mocking.”

In case you are wondering which language has “stor by” for a great village, we have an answer. It’s Swedish. Which means it will be a tough challenge for many people to pronounce this name correctly. Thanks to the author, he is not insistent on following the Swedish spelling-to-sound rules. He gives us the freedom to read it as we see it. Whew!

Anyway, whatever language you use, music speaks to all of us. So, it is always advantageous to do truly universal things. Like, for instance, pressing the play button.

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Storby — Stuffed Storby — Stuffed


A work of sound, made in a technique that is obviously mixed. It is stuffed with ambiguous meanings and assorted contexts.

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Reverse Yellowheadding Reverse Yellowheadding

Reverse Yellowheadding
The joy of bending originals into something new and different — captured as music recordings of various dispositions and attitudes.

Indifferent Listening Indifferent Listening

Indifferent Listening
A conceptual collective album which reflects on contemporary habits of music perceiving and winks at its own predecessors.

The Discreet Charm of Consumerism The Discreet Charm of Consumerism

The Discreet Charm of Consumerism
The result of using an inspirational source that is seemingly uninspiring — a supermarket and related things.

Uncategorized Uncategorized

A variegated compilation made with utter contempt for all the kinds of categorization. The style is whatever, the music is good.

Also known as
Cycle Hiccups