by Idiosync

FSST036 | Year: 2012 | Number of tracks: 11 | Total time: 53:00 FSST036 | 2012 | 11 tracks | 53:00

A deftly performed work with samples from music you very likely had never heard, with fragments of voices in a language that you possibly don’t speak.

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FSST036 | Year: 2012
Number of tracks: 11
Total time: 53:00

11 tracks

Idiosync has successfully accomplished an uncommonly interesting and fairly unique experiment in a cross-genre-supertemporal-beyond-boundaries modification of the cultural continuum. Now we are glad to introduce the author himself. He will tell about his methodological approach and give us more information on the specific philosophy and mythology of his work.


“This album is the result of a long process of searching, listening and sampling a vast amount of audio material recorded and released in the Soviet Union. The country ceased to exist more than twenty years ago but its heritage still resonates with the majority of people born in it. At the same time it seems like its cultural achievements, as tainted with totalitarian propaganda as they may be, are nowadays only partially preserved. A lot is forgotten, and almost nothing is being used for further development or derivation. I find this rather unfortunate because USSR had its unique identity and mentality that don’t deserve to simply sink in oblivion. Researching sounds of this vanished empire has been a fascinating experience. From a technological point alone it was exciting since these sounds were generally recorded on native Soviet equipment that added quite a few original distortions and peculiarities.

I must point out, however, that I had no intention to reconstruct a retro feel or remix existing pieces. On the contrary, I wanted fragments to be unrecognizable, and I actually preferred working with sounds that are preceding or concluding actual pieces, short passages that break main themes, special effects, warped and damaged bits. I followed a genre-defying approach: cartoon soundtracks of the 80’s are combined with military march percussion of the 30’s and lyric instrumentals from the 60’s; some sounds are kept in their original form, while others are heavily modified with filters; some tunes and rhythmic structures are inspired by Soviet melodies and beats, others are arbitrary or follow the straightforward principles of a techno track.

One unifying concept is that most of the pieces I worked with were meant to be motivational. One can hear this even in short fragments. I saw my primary goal in reinterpreting this energy within some loosely-defined boundaries of contemporary electronic music. This is why the album is called ‘Extrapolation’ — it’s an attempt to imagine what could happen with songs, radio shows and TV broadcasts created in USSR in the period from 1930’s through the 1980’s in present-day context.”

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Idiosync - Exceeded Quota Idiosync - New Superstitions Idiosync - Nakurilo Idiosync - Subarctica Idiosync - Treachery Idiosync - Merry Terror Idiosync - As Heard on Public Address Radio Idiosync - Bribe Idiosync - Games Get You Carried Away Idiosync - Your Time and Your Glass Idiosync - Lumpenproletariat

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Album artist


Album artist


01. Exceeded Quota
02. New Superstitions
03. Nakurilo
04. Subarctica
05. Treachery
06. Merry Terror
07. As Heard on Public Address Radio
08. Bribe
09. Games Get You Carried Away
10. Your Time and Your Glass
11. Lumpenproletariat