Globule Coasting Vessel

Globule Coasting Vessel

by Drowzy

FSST063 | Year: 2022 | Number of tracks: 13 | Total time: 42:48 FSST063 | 2022 | 13 tracks | 42:48

Moving through an intriguing vastness in a company of embracing melodies and tickling percussions: leisurely, but not without surprising turns.

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FSST063 | Year: 2022
Number of tracks: 13
Total time: 42:48

13 tracks

Humans invented a lot of quaint transports: bullet trains, turntable ferries, swamp buggies, semi-rigid airships, pedal-powered submarines… Some of them are designed for short land trips, some are able to move by water and even fly. But there is also a type of vehicle that can instantly transfer you to all kinds of spaces, including nonexistent and impossible — a fictional one.

Drowzy’s globule coasting vessel uses an internal music engine and runs on pure imagination. It’s easy to operate without preliminary training. It can be launched from any place, regardless of its size and appearance. You don’t even need a driving license or an official permission to use it (at least at the time of writing, when the total mind control is not yet widely adopted).

The vessel is configured to move at an unhurried pace, so a voyager can relax and observe surrounding curiosities during the anxiety-free flight. Refreshing kicks, invigorating strings, calming pads, piquant shakers and juicy basses are available in assorted flavors. The main panel contains only one button — and you already know its name and function.

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Drowzy - Keys to the Spaceship Drowzy - Decompression Gate Sequence Drowzy - Deep Space Spice Mines (feat. zillagramwiches) Drowzy - Recalibrating Drowzy - Passing Up Rings Drowzy - GCV_RSRV.027 Drowzy - Thermogenic Breeze Drowzy - Port.SiO4 Drowzy - Mila’s INSRT Drowzy - Arboreal Cortex Drowzy - 1wakuma (Robird) Drowzy - Luminous Millpond Drowzy - Ancestral Sprite Circle

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Album artist


Album artist


01. Keys to the Spaceship
02. Decompression Gate Sequence
03. Deep Space Spice Mines (feat. zillagramwiches)
04. Recalibrating
05. Passing Up Rings
06. GCV_RSRV.027
07. Thermogenic Breeze
08. Port.SiO4
09. Mila’s INSRT
10. Arboreal Cortex
11. 1wakuma (Robird)
12. Luminous Millpond
13. Ancestral Sprite Circle