by Ioka

FSST059 | Year: 2020 | Number of tracks: 4 | Total time: 19:59 FSST059 | 2020 | 4 tracks | 19:59

Layers of sounds, impressions, emotions and fantasies. As well as impressions of fantasies, sounds of emotions and layers of layers.

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FSST059 | Year: 2020
Number of tracks: 4
Total time: 19:59

4 tracks

Living a simple life doesn’t mean being in a simple world. The world of Ioka is complicated and layered, yet his existence consists of modest actions which happen at certain moments. All moments are short. Many of them are not breathtaking. Some are quite odd. Very few are life-altering. But, strangely enough, this is exactly what makes the whole experience more exciting.

There are always too many various perception levels of even basic happenings, let alone rare and intricate ones. And it is always up to an observer either to appreciate the surface, to dig more or less deep or to find joy in imaginary realms.

As for the music, anyone can enjoy it just as it is. Without understanding the process of its producing, or studying the rules of composition, or empathizing with the story behind a particular track, or even without knowing the name of a creator. And that’s what music and life have in common. Still, some of us prefer to search for more.

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Ioka - Moment Ioka - Ferrovia Ioka - Èguitar Ioka - Rain In America

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Album artist


01. Moment
02. Ferrovia
03. Èguitar
04. Rain In America