Easy. Slow. Quiet. by Various Artists
Easy. Slow. Quiet.

A remedy for bustle and noise, lousy weather and bad mood. This compilation comprises compositions with a tranquilizing effect. ESQ is a new button on a life’s imaginary keyboard, offering an escape from fuss and nervousness of our environment.

This compilation was intentionally released at the end of the year, which always gets tense and hyped up; still, it will remain functional in other seasons too. “Easy. Slow. Quiet”s relaxing effect is guaranteed year-round and worldwide.

01) Foolk — Light Bulb
02) Raumskaya — No But Thanks
03) Snow Slow Party — Remember Or Forget
04) Idiosync — City Park
05) The Inay — On Roof
06) Denis Davidov — My City
07) Raumskaya — Seek
08) Zimmer-G — Motor Piano
09) Scaly Whale — Einstellung
10) Yellowhead — Morning Lullaby
11) Cycle Hiccups — Lazy Morning

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Release details
FSST030 | Year: 2010
Number of tracks: 11
Total time: 38:17

Compilation artists:
Snow Slow Party
The Inay
Denis Davidov
Scaly Whale
Cycle Hiccups