The Future We Have All Been Waiting For

The Future We Have All Been Waiting For

by Moonscape

FSST042 | Year: 2014 | Number of tracks: 9 | Total time: 65:48 FSST042 | 2014 | 9 tracks | 65:48

A number of quite long and rather hypnotizing tracks with sophisticated inner chemistry and fluid mood, fusing unsteady beats and melodies with enigmatic field recordings.

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FSST042 | Year: 2014
Number of tracks: 9
Total time: 65:48

9 tracks

We have some kind of an answer for those who were wondering why Moonscape hasn’t published anything since the release of “Public Jewelry” in 2006. In the course of the following eight years he was exploring the future. He then returned from that one-person time travel to share his vision — or, more exactly, the hearing — with us. This is how the author himself describes what was happening:

“After concluding not to record music as Moonscape (I deemed it to be too abstract and decided to become more realistic), I created Idiosync and began excavating Soviet music in search for a meaningful reality. However, this quest only brought me to another abstraction, and a rather uncanny one, as it was trying to reflect the reality of the present through short bits of the past. Being busy trying to find meaning in the past, I lost touch with the present. As both the past and the present became infinitely confusing, I saw no other option but to look to the future. The future is the reality that everyone is certain of, whether they give it millions of years or mere milliseconds. Only in certainty can one find peace, and so the music on this record is peaceful. But it is peace as perceived by a technology aficionado, a paranoiac, an environmentalist, or a space traveler. Thus, the future is the most vague abstraction. Therefore I am returning to my past with an idea of the future in the objective reality of today.”

We can totally agree with the given statements, or disagree, or accept it partially. Anyway, the existence of the objective reality is a questionable topic. There are at least as many realities as people living on our planet. We also all have our own relationships with various parts of the time continuum, not to mention the fact that certainty is fairly relative.

So, is this album really about the future? Is it the future we have all been waiting for? Is it essentially the future? The only way to (possibly) find out is to listen.

Listen to the entire album right now:

Moonscape - Engine Track Moonscape - Massage Spiders Moonscape - Swing to the Orbit Moonscape - Affordable Housing Moonscape - Low Voltage Bath Moonscape - Odd Nature of Mechanisms Moonscape - Android Rock Moonscape - Perpetual Growth Moonscape - The Last Fugitive of the Individuality Standartisation Program

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Album artist


Album artist


01. Engine Track
02. Massage Spiders
03. Swing to the Orbit
04. Affordable Housing
05. Low Voltage Bath
06. Odd Nature of Mechanisms
07. Android Rock
08. Perpetual Growth
09. The Last Fugitive of the Individuality Standartisation Program