Music Take-Away by Various Artists
Music Take-Away

This compilation doesn’t have a catalog number. It was created for the same-named events series, on which it was available for free. You can also download it for free right now, yes.

Participants are our usual artists, well-known for those who’s been following our activity for a while. Most of the tracks presented on this compilation haven’t been released before.

01) Foolk — Nakashu
02) ABC Galaxy — My Girlfriend Is a Cuttlefish
03) The Great Mundane — Chatter Box*
04) Zimmer-G — Trip Into Yourself
05) The Pillow People — Ojousama
06) Yellowhead — Alzheimer Counter
07) Snow Slow Party — Coco Snow
08) Math Geek — Hextic Beats
09) Digital One — Minimal Sound Work
10) Sensiva — Maskil
11) Shtukk — Promise

* previously released by Psymbolic Sounds as a part of "When Falls Arrive" album

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This release is available for free downloading: ZIP (57.5 MB)
Release details
Without catalogue number
Year: 2008
Number of tracks: 11
Total time: 43:06

Compilation artists:
ABC Galaxy
The Great Mundane
The Pillow People
Snow Slow Party
Math Geek
Digital One