Past Perfect by Various Artists
Past Perfect

Ten tracks which are the very best of music, published on the label’s CDs in 2002–2004. Released in collaboration with Austrian net-label Laridae.

A compilation, completely framed of tracks previously released by 56 Stuff. The best from music, published on the label’s CDs in 2002–2004. It means exactly the very best. We have selected for you just ten tracks, but all of them are worthy of attention and frequent listening. You may download this selection for free.

Yellowhead — MKH
As the author says, this is the one of his best works ever. It was written by the 56 Stuff leader in 2001, released on the album “Wood” (2002), played in different video records. It sounds at most of Yellowhead's performances.

Strike — Square
The year of 2002. Crazy happening under the title “Tainy Hod Fishkee”. Perfect melodious track from a 56 Stuff music label pioneer with a “square” electronic piano and a soft hiphop-shaped beat.

Yadi — Moonwalker
The beginnings of musical series “Different Listening”: the first compilation and the first event, which were named with this title. One hundred percent of easy listening with a retro-soviet bias, light music that brings joy and happiness into a listener’s heart.

Shtukk — Joop Piedo
It was recorded on a small CDr and then delivered by bicycle to the “Different Listening 2” compiler. After the first listening track was accepted and its author became an artist of 56 STUFF. “Joop Piedo” was created during one night from a strange material (including a record of live drums and the samples from kid vinyl about a lion, who was dreaming of jungle). The title appeared accidentally: after cleaning the keyboard, the buttons were bogged up and Denis was typing something else, but he saw exactly this phrase on the monitor. Later he recognized that word “piedo” exists in Esperanto, and “joop” is an existing abbreviation.

Dima Vikhornov — Narodnaya
The title can be translated as “folk song”. This is a bright and tuny track. The hit that was presented in a large number of compilations by different labels and also included into Dima Vikhornov’s album “Good” (2004).

Few — Like a Sex Machine
The composition from “Johnson’s Bricks” album (2003), that presents Few's best chartbuster. The title of the track and electro-jazz way of Few's music working can give the impression that it’s a remixed James Brown’s old song. But everything is more simple. The author had just been planning to place into the track a voice sample from computer game “Worms”, that he preferred to all other games. This sample sounds exactly: “Like a sex machine!”. But, for some reasons this sample was excluded. And the title remained.

8bit — Haywadana!! (D1 Nu-Stily Mix)
The contribution to our common cause from the legendary project of Digital One—a composer, DJ and producer from Novosibirsk. The group 8bit successfully performed at “ClubTransMediale'04” in Berlin, got into festival compilation with one of their tracks, conquered Siberia, presented the Final Concert and broke up. “Haywadana” has a unique sound and creates an impression—once you’ll catch yourself at quiet singing the words in Japanese.

Zimmer-G — Caravan
The project of Ivan Voltanov from Obninsk breaks down a statement that there are no good lounge makers in Russia. “Caravan” is a hit-parades and radio broadcasting hero. This track opens the “Different Listening 2” compilation.

XS — Loser Takes Coffee
The composition struck Yellowhead’s ears casually, while he was finishing the “Different Listening” compilation. We don’t know what XS is doing at present time and where we can find his fresh tracks, but it doesn’t detract from merit of “Loser Takes Coffee”.

Moonscape — I Icer
This track, by the author’s idea, is intended to convey everything that’s cold—wind, frozen words, ice cracking under the feet; at the same time it’s an attempt to create a collective image of Russian easy listening. Therefore it’s an optional collision of one cliche (vibraphones, guitar samples, disco strings) with another (yes, it is cold in Russia, thanks for asking!)

01) Yellowhead — MKH
02) Strike — Square
03) Yadi — Moonwalker 70
04) Shtukk — Joop Piedo
05) Dima Vikhornov — Narodnaya
06) Few — Like a Sex Machine
07) 8bit — Haywadana!! (D1 Nu-Stily Mix)
08) Zimmer-G — Caravan
09) XS — Loser Takes Coffee
10) Moonscape — I Icer

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Release details
FSST021 / laridae022
Year: 2006
Number of tracks: 10
Total time: 41:09

Compilation artists:
Dima Vikhornov